FC16 Go Portable Super Nintendo SNES – Product Review

By on December 22, 2009

Hello there, classic gaming fans! Well, I’ve got another great classic gaming product for you to check out here at DasReviews! OldSkoolFool recently got his hands on the FC16 Go, a portable SNES console that plays your original carts! Super Nintendo Portable? Ya don’t say! Oh yes, I do. You mean I get to carry around Super Battletoads or Chrono Trigger with me everywhere? Yes. Check out the video below and relish in the Super Nintendo-ness!

That was pretty techno-sexy. I can’t wait for that random person on the bus to stare at me holding this thing and say, "What the heck is that? A GBA on steroids?" Yes it is sir, it’s a GBA that had its bowl of Wheaties, and then some. Wanna play?  Here’s a wireless controller.

The FC16 Go Portable Super Nintendo is available at RetroBitGames.com Stay tuned in to DasReviews for more information on the FC16 Go!

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