F.E.A.R. 3 announced for Fall 2010 – Get ready for more poopy-pants-inducing action!

By on April 8, 2010

As if you hadn’t already had your fill of vitamin-D deprived, long-haired youngsters from the beyond, Warner Bros. has just announced the latest installment in their digital blood-pumping terror ride franchise: F.E.A.R. 3.

FEAR 3 looks to be diverging, at least a little from it’s traditionally single-player history.  This time around, players will have the chance to take control of two different protagonists and follow their separate storylines through to the game’s end.  You may recognize Point Man, the supersoldier from the series’ first installment, but FEAR 3 will also introduce us to his brother Paxton, a telekinesis-wielding whirlwind of destruction.

Being developed my Day 1 Studios, the people who brought you the console ports of the original game, FEAR 3 looks poised to continue in the shriek-inducing scarefest that earmarks the series.

And, as a further testament to the convergence of the gaming and movie industries, Warner Bros. has tapped the shoulder of none other than horror director John Carpenter.  Egads, a man who can make a William Shatner mask scary can do anything as far as I’m concerned.  Throw in the prolific baritone vocal talents of Keith David, better known as the Arbiter from the Halo series or Sgt. Foley from COD: Modern Warfare 2, and you’ve got a bunch of prospective digital kickass.

FEAR 3 will be available Fall 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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