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By on April 30, 2012
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Now that I’m a writer for Das Reviews I’ve taken to doing what I used to do: shifting through a ton of youtube videos involving indie games, looking at certain forums for game developers, and I’ve come across a game that has peaked my interest.  That game, for those that haven’t read the title or the giant image above this paragraph, is called Spate, which is a steampunk platformer and it’s hoping to get some of your money.

Spate puts you in the role of Detective Bluth, a private detective, who has been hired to find a businessman in a forbidden zone called known as the Xzone: an island in the middle of nowhere where it rains continuously and no one has ever come back from.  From the recent trailer for the game, we can also expect to find robots, as well as giant and unusual creatures.  Say, like one that looks like a bird with a lot of top hats in the area.


Before showing off the trailer for the game, I feel it’s important to note that there’s no music at all in the video.  This could be due in part to the game needing some funding and looking for a musician or it could have been planned, so that all is heard is the rain.  Also, on my part, the actual voice over volume seemed low, so you might need to turn up your speakers.


As I mentioned, Spate is looking for some funding and, in fact, it has a Kickstarter going right now.  With a $10 donation you’ll get the game and if you want to go all out, you can pay $1500 and actually become the villain in the game, but best to hurry on that one, as there can only be one.

There’s no firm release date on the game, but it’s currently aiming for a December release date.  With what I’ve seen and the way it’s looking, I wish it was sooner.

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