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By on April 6, 2011
Video Game Party SUpplies

Video Game Party Ideas, Guitar Hero Anyone?

With the economy in such a terrible state and a looming potential government shutdown (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Now is a better time than ever to get together with some friends and take a break in the wonderful world of gaming. You might find that you’ll save a little money at the end of it all too! So here are some tips to ensure that your next video game party is a success. No you don’t have to break the bank with party supplies and accessories but a few welcome additions could turn the activity into a lively arena to showcase your skills!

To start things off, you’ll want to decide the main theme of the games. Video Games are by nature a competitive venture. Having multiple people over for a co-op game usually does not generate the same amount of screaming and couching jumping that a competitive game would have. Also, most games only feature 2 player co-op anyway so unless you have 3-4 friends who genuinely enjoy watching other people play games, it would be rather dull for all but the two players. Of course a tournament style setting would be great. Just make sure to pick up some cheap party supplies if you want to liven the place up a little. Also, some drinks and snacks couldn’t hurt for the people waiting on the sidelines.

Also, remember that the game should be one that is fun to play for newbies. Not everyone has had the same amount of practice in Space Lego Chainsaw Warfare so you’ll probably want to choose a game that is a little more mainstream. Also, remember that games like Rockband would be fun even for people who don’t usually play video games!

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