Gamers Band Together to Help Raise Funds for Haiti

By on January 18, 2010

Holy philanthrogamers!  You know what? Who says gamers are apathetic?  Just because we have our noses buried in a TV or computer screen for 8 hours a day doesn’t mean we’re oblivious to the outside world! For example, when  a massive earthquake hit Haiti last week, people across the world (including gamers) were inspired to reach into their MMORPG subscription coffers to donate!
Some gamers and game companies are taking one step further.  Pop Cap Games, makers of the ever addictive Bejeweled and Rocket Mania!, donated 100% of the proceeds from their game sales on January 16th to charities helping with the Haiti Earthquake relief.  Online developer Zynga (famous for the Facebook phenomenon Farmville) donated the proceeds from certain virtual items to the Earthquake Relief.
Even the big boys are throwing their cards in.  Bungie, the geniuses that brought you Halo, vows to donate $100 dollars to Haiti relief for every 1000 gamers that show up on the Halo multiplayer networks bearing a Haiti Relief emblem, accessible through the “Appearance” menu.  That event is slated for January 20th and 21st.
And you can’t forget the iPhone coders!  Several iPhone app developers have united under the “Indie Relief” banner.  They’ve pledged to donate a portion of earnings on January 20th to relief efforts in Haiti. Their slogan, “You get great software, Haiti gets financial help in its time of crisis.”
So, you see, gamers do care!  We just have to reminded as to what to care about sometimes!

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