More Gamers Say They Will Be Buying Used Games This Holiday

By on November 9, 2011

To game, or not to game! That is the question,

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As the holidays closes in for many of the economy-hardened video gamers, there seems to be more and more gamers looking to purchase or buy used games as gifts for this holiday season.

The question is, would you?

In all honesty, I really see no issue in trying to save a few dollars this holiday season. I mean after all, just because a game is used to you, doesn’t mean it’s not new to somebody else. The cool thing also, is that many used games come with a complete box and instructions, so therefore one step closer to newness.

In fact, many retailers are offering the ability to “re-pack”, many of these pristine used games by shrink-wrapping the complete package with a similar wrap that is used when you purchase new games.

I mean look, you never get a ton when you trade your games in. So, what is the harm in buying a very good condition used game that includes everything and even the plastic seal?

It’s still the thought that counts guys/girls.

I know that personally in years past, I used to make people mix CDs of some fresh beats, and in all honesty lasted longer than any new over priced game that I ever could have bought for my friends and family.

So, the answer is yes. Yes, you can buy good condition used games as gifts for the holidays.

In fact, I expect a new used game in my stocking shortly!

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