Are games making you violent?

By on January 18, 2010

Ionut Silviu Savin

Do video games make you violent? If you have never played a video game, and you came across this story, you may believe so.

A 15-year-old Romanian boy killed his adoptive mother because she refused to pay the monthly Internet bills. Ionut Silviu Savin, is known to be very dependent on the video game counterstrike, stabbed his adoptive mother 17 times before leaving to play CounterStrike at the local internet cafe.

The tragedy took place on Wednesday. Only three hours after stabbing his adoptive Mother, Ionut was seen at his favourite internet cafe, where he played the classic multiplayer FPS- CounterStrike for hours. The cops later discovered Ionut had taken all the money he had found at his house.

The womens body was left for hours before her husband came home from work and found her body. Ionut did turn himself in saying “I think I’m the one you’re looking for.”

The supervisor of the internet cafe was quoted saying that Ionut would come in all the time and play Counter-Strike quietly alone, with a hood over his head. She noted that he wouldn’t swear like most players when he was losing, and never got angry. He would rarely speak.

His teacher called him “quiet” and “introverted”.

However, his actions surrounding this tragedy have shocked everybody close to him.

Ionut discarded the murder weapon in a garbage container. Police later found the weapon at a close by landfill.

Ionut is currently hospitalized and under guard in a psychiatric clinic. Psychiatric examinations will reveal if Ionut was fully competent at the time of the crime. If he is found guilty of murder he only faces 12 years in prison as Romania’s murder laws are not as harsh as United States. Experts have commented that the nature of the crime (17 stabs) is definitely  indicative of mental health problems.

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