Gopher: Portable Sega Genesis System Video Review

By on August 16, 2010

Awhile back we showed off the Retrogen, a portable Genesis that allowed you to use your original cartridges. But what if you backed up your cartridges and wanted to play the backups on the go instead of carrying around a backpack full of plastic cartridge? Well gamers, you were out of luck.

Until now! Das Reviews gets its hands on the Sega Gopher with an exclusive video review of this extremely rare product. The Gopher comes with the same 20 games on the device but now includes an SD card slot for all of you archivers. Want to know if the Gopher is right for you? Check out Das Product Review below.

Sold on the Gopher and want to get your hands on it the rascal? Well you can only get it from Das Cheap. So head over there and buy this portable genesis game player.

Check out Das Review’s forum to read up on any compatibility problems people may have had with this and keep your fellow gamers in the loop!

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