Hori Enters Racing Accessories Market w/Hori Racing Controller 3

By on January 17, 2011

Yes, it’s Hori.



As many gamers know they are synonymous with arcade style joysticks, controller pads and an array of gaming travel accessories but never racing controllers!

The Japanese based company that brought you the PS3 Arcade Stick & XBOX 360 Arcade Stick are trying their hand at the very pricey racing controllers market.

Up until now racing game accessories have always been on the pricey side. Always exceeding the $120+ range when in actuality many should be under $80 to meet a tough gaming economy. They have answered the call with their soon to be released steering wheel the Racing Controller 3.

Hori PS3 Racing Steering Wheel

Hori PS3 Racing Steering Wheel

Featuring all the bells and whistles of other manufacturer’s steering wheels, the Hori PS3 Steering Wheel aims to take a chunk out of the racing gurus that we a good wheel at a good price.

The wheel is set to release Q1 of this year 2011 and we will have more hands on reviews as we get our mitts dirty with it!

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