Infinity Danger reaches 1st place in Japan Indies

By on March 28, 2011

According to a press release we got today from Milkstone Studios, Infinity Danger, their latest shoot’em up indie game, has reached the first spot in the best selling Indie games in the Japan Xbox Live Marketplace. Being also the #4 top rated game, Infinity Danger is proving to be a successful game for the folks at Milkstone.

“We’ve only received good critics. There’s been a lot of feedback by users and we’re working on a patch to polish a few issues, but we’re pleased with the reception so far.”

The game, heavily inspired by the 2003 computer game Warning Forever, features fighting against an almighty boss that evolves on each stage with the only purpose of defeating the player. It features the exclusive Milkstone Studios’ realtime leaderboard that allows players to check their global ranking while playing, and check how other people and friends scores compare against yours.

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