Xbox 360 Intensafire Controller Review

By on January 26, 2011

Xbox 360 Intesafire controller

It’s a Wednesday night and you’ve logged onto Xbox live for an hour or two of friendly FPS action ….5 hours later your forehead is drenched in sweat and you’ve barely managed enough self control to not throw the controller at your own TV. After all, that would only be letting that troll on LiveChat win! Round after round, you’ve annihilated, humiliated, subjugated. Whenever his SMG takes aim, every bullet seems to find its way between your eyes. And to quite literally add insult to injury, you then have to endure the endless taunts. We’ve all been there, but with the Xbox 360 Intensafire Controller Mod, you can get even.

As you’ve probably already noticed, rapid fire mods give the player a significant advantage over Xbox live. Ever notice the guy with the uncanny ability to accurately dish out huge damage even with the lowliest pistol? He probably has a controller fitted with one of these!

Intensafire Xbox 360 Mod

Just pop open your controller with a screwdriver (included in the kit), plug in the chip (obviously included in the kit) and seal it with special electronic friendly adhesive (ALSO included in the kit) and you’ll have rapid fire capabilities no human finger can replicate! If you’re a fan of First Person Shooters then Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller mods is a no-brainer! You’ll have the deadliest machine gun in Call of Duty! The quickest pistol in Red Dead Redemption! The fastest tentacle in that Japanese dating Sim we know you play (but seriously we’re not judging…)

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