The iPad Cometh

By on January 27, 2010


Hey there, tech-gamers! Finally, concrete confirmation about the overgrown iPod! Price points released!

$499 for 16GB
$599 for 32GB
$699 for 64GB

To add 3G capabilities to any model adds another $130 to the price tag. Thus, making the most expensive iPad $829!  Add in $30 dollars a month for unlimited data, and you’re spending enough to support an entire Sally Struthers commercial full of kids.  Alternatively, they’re offering a 250MB data plan for $14.99.  The good thing is, there are no contracts!  You can activate any time right on the iPad and cancel at any time.  Also… it’s unlocked.  Yes… unlocked.

There’s WiFi and Bluetooth capability of course.  Jobs touts a 10-hour battery life.  That’s almost as long as the LOTR Extended Edition Boxed Set.

Also, the iPad will run iPhone apps, and 3rd party software.  What dost ye have beneath thy hidden sleeve, apple?

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I hear iPad, I can’t help but thinking about feminine hygiene.

Per Mr. Jobs himself, you’ll be able to play happily with your iPad in about 60 days, which puts the release date at… the end of March!  March 29!  I’m calling it folks, Mortal Monday is now March 29th!

More as it breaks!

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