Kalypso Media USA to bring Air Conflicts: Secret Wars in North America

By on April 25, 2011

Kalypso Media USA and bitComposer Games announced that they will be publishing Air Conflicts: Secret Wars for Windows PC and next generation consoles in August 2011. According to the companies, the game will engage players in furious air-to-air and air-to-ground combat as they pilot planes throughout missions based on events during World War I and WWII. Air Conflicts: Secret Wars will put players in the cockpits of a mix of remarkably detailed aircraft, including fighters, fighter-bombers and bombers. More details about the console releases of Air Conflicts: Secret Wars will be released in the coming weeks.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an arcade flight game with battles spanning both World Wars, featuring seven campaigns and forty-nine missions that engage players in a white knuckle air battles across Europe. The game features an exciting mix of mission types, including patrolling, stealth, hit and run, escort and bombing objectives. Air Conflicts extends its replay value with several multiplayer modes for up to eight players on all platforms.

Features of Air Conflicts: Secret Wars:

  • Jump into the Cockpit – Fly more than 16 aircraft from both World Wars, including classic planes like the Sopwith Camel, Messerschmitt BF109 and the Spitfire. Push the limits of secret prototypes such as the Bolchowitinow BI-3, Gloster Meteor fighter jet and the Horten HIX, a forerunner of modern stealth bombers.
  • Customize your Aircraft – Add speed or maneuverability as you shred your enemies in vicious aerial dogfights, leveraging airplane customizations that best match your playing style and mission requirements
  • Battle in the Real World – 24 real-world inspired maps including Berlin, Belgrade, Slovakia and Tobruk will challenge your battlefield piloting skills across 7 campaigns and 49 diverse missions
  • Aces and Rookies Welcome – Newcomers can jump in and play quickly thanks to the accessible arcade controls. Combat aces can switch to simulation-styled controls for more precision and realism.
  • Take to the Skies with Friends (or Enemies) – Show everyone you’re an ace in eight player Dogfight, Team Dogfight, Capture the Flag and Destroy & Protect multiplayer online gameplay


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