Kinect and Move Motion Gaming Addons Better for Gamers Than They Think

By on July 6, 2010

The biggest news at E3 this year was Sony and Microsoft showing off their new motion gaming systems (not counting Nintendo standing by and saying “We told you so.”). Some people were excited by the prospect of dropping the controller and using their body to control their games (or use a different controller in the case of the Move). However, some people are worried that they’ll be forced to pony up some dollars for new peripherals to play games that probably would have been just fine without them. While we’ve been told numerous times that we’ll still be able to play our games with the archaic two handed controller, the trend is definitely going toward the motion gaming.

However, this isn’t as bad for gamers as they think it is. Why you ask? It’s simple. The current generation of consoles are nearing the fifth year of market release. If things were turning out like previous generations, the big three would have been announcing new consoles at E3 instead of addons for the current one. Sure, the Xbox 720 does sound really exciting with killer new graphics and a bunch of new numbers that you don’t really understand but you must remember one certain number: the amount of dollars in your wallet.

The addons are going to be at or around $100 dollars for entry, tacking on whatever launch games you want. A new console will cost you far much more than that. Everyone remembers Sony’s E3 debacle back in 2006. Launching a game console at $600? Sure, it had a Blu Ray player but that’s the price of a car. A crappy one but it will get you a lot farther than a launch PS3.

So as angry as you are that the Playstation 4 video wasn’t real, you should be happy that it’s going to be a lot cheaper for you to stay the coolest kid on the block. If you weren’t, Susie wouldn’t even talk to you and that rat Jimmy would be holding her books instead. Man, we hate Jimmy.

What do you think? Should the big three have stuck with history and worked on getting some new consoles out in the market or is adding peripherals to extend the life of the current generation the right move? No pun intended.

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