Kingdom Under Fire II classes revealed

By on April 12, 2011

Blueside revealed today the first three classes of their upcoming real-time strategy game, Kingdom Under Fire II. These three classes are The Spellsword, The Gunslinger and The Berserker.

The Spellsword is represented by a female Dark Elf, a Kim Kardashian of the battlefield. She’s fast and agile, and can call upon ice magic to debilitate her foes. She wields a sword, a double-ended sword and a wand.

The Gunslinger is a male human and an inventive, risk-taking warrior. He carries a long sword – often a bastard sword – as well as a shortened rifle. He can eventually equip protective full plate armour.

The Berserker is a hulking Encablossian, a volatile ball of power that’s best used away from friendly troops. A Berserker wears layers of exoskeleton armour and brandishes an enormous bastard sword. He also flexes an armoured gauntlet weapon and can summon fire.

Korean players will have the chance to take a first glimpse of Blueside’s game when the Korean Beta starts later this year. The beta will feature five classes – two new and the three aforementioned, while the final version will offer 18.

Kingdom Under Fire II is scheduled for release in 2011 for PS3, X360 and PC!

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