Light up your party with glow in the dark supplies

By on February 21, 2011
Light up Party Favors

An example of a light up party glass

Looking for an idea to make your next party stand out from the usual dull hum drum of other parties? Here’s an idea; make your next party a glow in the dark fest complete with black lights and light up party supplies! To get you started, here are a few ideas to ensure that you glow in the dark party is a success and not just a gimmick.

To start things off, you should have everybody coming wear as much white as possible because it will glow under the black light. You can hand people white T-shirts and highlighters upon entry and encourage people to draw on one another. Some glow in the dark jewelery or glow sticks in general will definitely add to the appeal. These days you can find everything form glow in the dark glasses to necklaces online for great prices.

The fun doesn’t have to end there however as you can even put out banners and posters made with invisible ink that will only appear under a black light. Another great idea are LED party lights if your get together contains just a little too much purple. White balloons with glow sticks attached will also look quite impressive in a dark setting when illuminated by a black light. Please have fun with these suggestions and let us know how your party turned out!

Let us know in the comments section if you have any additional advice in this area or if any of these tips helped! Good luck and party on!!

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