March UDK includes all DX11 features, that were presented in Samaritan Demo at GDC 2011

By on March 9, 2011

So you were amazed by the awesome GDC tech demo of Unreal 3 engine, right? And have you been wondering when developers will be able to take advantage of this latest version? If so, we have some good news for you. Game developers can take advantage of those funky, next-gen features right here, right now. Epic Games has released the new UDK that includes all DX11 features that were presented in the Samaritan Demo at GDC 2011.

The most important features that the latest UDK supports are tessellation and displacement, geometry shaders, bokeh dof, multisampled textures and shader model 5. In addition, UDK is now fully integrated with NVIDIA APEX, high-level scalable framework oriented on creation of complex physical effects, like destructible environment of dynamic character clothing. NVIDIA’s APEX technology has also been integrated into the engine and ships with UDK, however you will need authoring tools to take advantage of APEX functionality. Nvidia will probably release them within a week.

The big question now is: Which studio will finally push the graphical boundaries and offer a PC game that is similar to the Samaritan demo? Current consoles can’t handle these graphics, so if there is going to be a game that takes advantage of those features, it will be exclusive to the PC platform. We seriously can’t wait for a game with these graphics but we doubt if there is going to be any as impressive as the Samaritan.

We highly recommend downloading the HD video of the Samaritan from here. Forget the HD YouTube links, as most of them have awful compression methods that hurt both the image quality and the framerate of the video. Enjoy!

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