Marvel vs Capcom 3 Gameplay Details

By on May 17, 2010

An anonymous sage has been sending out new information about Marvel vs Capcom 3. A lot of this is culled from the Game Informer scans that made the rounds last week and some of it is probably just conjecture. Check out this list of details from Event Hubs.

• If you were disappointed that you didn’t see certain no-brainer Capcom characters in Tatsunoko vs Capcom for the Wii, don’t give up hope. Niitsuma confirmed that big characters like Dante were saved from Tatsunoko for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

• MvC3’s characters were all created from scratch — you won’t see recycled character models.

• A sort of cross-over aerial rave can be performed, where you can safely change your character in the middle of an air combo, using the exchange button.

• The flow of combat is just as intense and hectic as MvC2.

• The game is currently using TvC’s style Light, Medium, and Hard attacks along with the Exchange button.

• Story mode is being slightly improved, with beginning and ending story bookends, along with in-game events to keep it fresh in players’ minds. Producer Ryota Niitsuma insists that though this story is better than in other MvC games, it doesn’t steal the spotlight from the action.

• MvC2’s cast recycled 15 years of backlog and that’s a large reason why it had such a big cast. The Morrigan you saw in 1994’s Darkstalkers was basically what you saw in 2000’s MvC2.

• Capcom is paying a very large attention to detail to make sure all the characters are very in-character and act like themselves.

• Game Informer raved about the graphics for a good paragraph, apparently lighting is superb and Iron Man’s armor has reflections.

• Game Informer seemed very impressed with how Dante was represented in the game. “His cockiness and bravado shines through in every action, doing the white-haired badass justice.”

• Backgrounds will be lively. J Jonah Jameson is in a helicopter in the background of the Daily Bugle stage shouting and pointing at the players. There’s also a parade in the background that has huge air balloons of characters like Spider-Man and Viewtiful Joe. Servbots and Tron Bonne in the background of the Megaman Legends stage.

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