Miner Wars 2081 – 1,000,000 Euro Investment – Focus on Production

By on March 8, 2011


Keen Software House a. s. is pleased to announce success in raising capital and a substantial step forward in production.


Independent developer Keen Software House a. s. has reached one of its many milestones.

The corporation has received 1,000,000 Euros from private investors and the fund-raising phase of the company is finished.

The team is now able to focus entirely on the development of Miner Wars, the VRAGE engine, and other projects yet to be announced.

Keen Software House is setting up office in Prague, and looking to expand upon the current staff base.

The company is seeking to hire additional programmers, artists and web designers.

Keen Software House’s staff are very pleased with the news. The company is now able to provide a more protein rich gruel for emaciated workers, and instances of scurvy and rickets are on the decline. 

CEO and founder Marek Rosa is particularly pleased, citing that since fund-raising is no longer a burden to his schedule, he’ll have enough time to return to programming and finally finish reading New Moon.

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