MoaCube – Indie studio formed by Magi developer Tom Grochowiak

By on April 27, 2011

MoaCube is a new indie collective formed by former casual industry veterans and talented individuals from around the world, headed by Tom Grochowiak. The studio’s focus is on beautiful and unique hand-drawn 2D games for PC and Mac.

MoaCube was formed after Tom and most of his development team lost their jobs in the casual games industry. “We saw that as an opportunity. We had couple of game ideas in our heads, some savings, good share of talent, and just learned a bitter lesson about job security in the videogame industry. We decided to bite the bullet and form a small indie studio together” – says Tom Grochowiak, MoaCube’s head and main developer. “And though we loved working on casual games, we were tired of the clone-driven market and the hegemony of casual portals. A smaller studio could allow us to be more experimental and free with our games” – he adds.

The newly formed studio’s games are going to target PC and Mac niche markets, and feature high quality hand-drawn 2D art. “There’s this idea that most indie games are in pixelated retro style. Well, we like classic games as the next guy. We were raised with them after all. But we want to do something different. We’re lucky to work with some fantastic artists, so you can expect our games to look more like live detailed paintings than Atari 2600 or NES output”. Screenshots of the upcoming projects at the MoaCube’s website seem to reinforce that claim, with beautifully rendered vistas and detailed character animations.

MoaCube promises that lots of exciting news on their upcoming projects and future plans are just around the corner, and that the players should have their eyes peeled. More information about the studio and their titles is available on the company’s website: Tom also notes that they are always open for interviews and/or previews of their games.

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