More Marvel vs Capcom 3 Control Talk from Seth Killian

By on May 13, 2010

Responding to even more outcry from people who haven’t even seen the game, much less played it, Seth Killian gives us some more on the controls for Marvel vs Capcom 3 and the infamous ‘exchange button’.

Seth Killian: I understand the desire for every detail about some of the new stuff, but as I mentioned, it’s still very much in development. If the idea is to clear up confusion, it’s not helpful to get into a lot of very specific details that may change, especially given the extreme reaction to something most people have essentially misunderstood.

As for “the button” itself, if I posted a video of me playing the game as it is today, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that there was anything called “exchange” (again, even that name isn’t fixed). I could do a ground series into launch, and then into a standard air combo into flying screen ender, and it would be indistinguishable from an MvC2 scheme. Everyone’s concern is really just centered around the fact that it has a new marketing-department name.

The best way to think about the “exchange” button is:

1) On the ground, it works just like a normal attack button, only it is also everyone character’s launcher. There is really no systemic reason why some MvC2 characters have Down-Toward + Hard Kick as a launcher, other have Down + Hard Punch, others are standing Hard Kick, etc. It’s just needlessly confusing, and makes new players feel dumb for no great reason. Now everyone knows how to launch — you use this button. Not a big deal.

2) In the air, think of it as an interesting command normal (“command normal” = regular attack that you can give new properties by holding a direction and hitting the button). In some circumstances it works like a much cooler version of Psylocke’s Hard Kick that you can do as Up + Hard Kick for a different effect, but this is what you’ll see for yourselves soon enough =)

Sorry guys, I’ve tried to be nice with my clarifications, but you’re simply off-base. The MvC3 control scheme is overwhelmingly similar to MvC2. Imagine there was a contest between TvC and MvC2 control schemes, with some people arguing for each side. With the way the controls are at the moment, the “We want controls like MvC2″ team has unquestionably won.

I have to admit I find it a little humorous that I’m having an argument about this with people who not only haven’t played the game, they haven’t even *seen* it.

I have MvC3 sitting on my desk, have been playing fighters longer than some of you have been alive, and I’m TELLING you what it’s like, but that’s somehow no good (because “he’s PR,” although I do not work for PR, and am credited as “special advisor” for very real reasons, and regardless of any of that, what I’m saying is RIGHT).

“ZOMG it’s ruined!” crowd, on the other hand, are basing their despair on one sentence from a scanned magazine article. The article was a first-look overview (and a pretty good one) — but clearly not intending to get into the kind of details that the hardcore guys care about. I understand your concerns, but (so far, at least), they are off-base.

As before — let’s hold the “ZOMG it’s ruined!” talk until you play the game. You’ll get a chance before too long, then we’ll talk. Sound fair?

This comes from the Capcom Unity forums.

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