How Mortal Kombat Should Have Ended

By on May 30, 2011

The guys at ‘How It Should Have Ended’ made a new, hilarious video for Mortal Kombat. In this video, Liu Kang demonstrates his ‘Dragon’ Fatality and Shang-Tsung seems to get quite upset with it. Fast forward and both of them are shown enjoying a cup of tea, along with Scorpion. And on top of that, get ready for a fatality scene with ‘My Little Pony’, ‘Hello Kitty’ and ‘Care Bears’. Check it out after the jump.

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  • anon

    seriously am I the only one that thinks this is terrible, there was nothing funny about this, it was corny, same with the Halo Reach one.

  • blank

    yeah this is pretty stupid, sat through it with a straight face…retarded spoof.