Mythos has reached 250,000 players

By on May 13, 2011

According to a press release we got today, Mythos has managed to reach 250,000 players during its first two weeks. Which is basically a quarter of million. This means that Mythos’ launch was quite successful and Frogster Online Gaming is overly pleased with it. Moreover, this weekend there will be double experience points for completed quests and slayed monsters.

Additionally, the press release features a number of statistics that are really interesting:

The numbers don’t stop there though, a quick peek into the statistical depths of the game revealed a host of other interesting facts and figures from the first fortnight of online carnage.

32% of players who have created a character thus far have chosen to wage war as the fiery Pyromancer, while 28% have chosen to play as the deft handed Gadgeteer.  40% of players choose to embrace the carnage, paint the town blood red, and then some, as the Bloodletter.  From the selection of races, 27% have chosen the Satyr, 28% the Gremiln, 15% the Cyclops and 30% of people have decided that they’d like to remain human.

Male characters also seem to be the order of the day, with only 1/3 of players choosing to go monster hunting as a female.

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