New Resident Evil 5 DLC: Mercenaries Reunion, Chris Warrior Mode – Game Videos

By on December 15, 2009

Konnichiwa, game people!!  Tired of Resident Evil 5?  Mercenaries mode not doing it for you anymore?!  Well, that’s what DLC’s for!  Enter: Mercenaries Reunion mode!  Capcom’s just released gameplay footage of 2 of the 8 new playable characters.  And they sure do look good.  Our old buddies Chris and Sheva are back with some new duds.  Who you taking fashion tips from, Mr. Redfield?  Lars Umlaut?  Check out the video below of Chris’ gameplay footage!

Then check out Sheva’s here.  You know you want to.  Red. Riding. Hood.

Don’t have Resident Evil 5 yet?  For shame!  Available here !

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