New Video Games for the Week of 12/12/09 – Game Videos

By on December 15, 2009
New Video Games for the Week of 12/12/09 – Game Videos

Holla at me, people!  We got a cool new game video coming your way!  Check out these games scheduled for release the week of December 12.  I know you all love the guitar driven intensity of Van Halen.  What better way to pay tribute than their own video game in Guitar Hero: Van Halen!  And once again, our sprightly friends in the Final Fantasy world are out to save it from some all-powerful baddie with the help of some shiny objects!  Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers should get an award for overly long video game titles.

Check out the Vid!

If either of these games tickle your fancy (wherever that is), hop on over here , where you can pre-order them!

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