Nintendo 3DS Dated, Detailed and Priced for Japanese Launch

By on September 29, 2010

Today Nintendo announced a myriad of informations about their upcoming 3D handheld, appropriately titled the 3DS. First and foremost, the system will launch in Japan on February 26, 2011 at 25,000 yen, which is around $300 in current exchange rates. The launch will have the Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black colors pictured in the article. That’s the gravy of the announcement. But what about the meat? In addition to these key details, Nintendo also released a ton of information about the specs, software and accessories.

The handheld will come packed in with an AC adapter, a charging stand, a 2GB SD card, a metal stylus that telescopes (it gets bigger) and a collection of paper cards that the 3DS will use for augmented reality. Also in that package are a few built in games.

The built software hasn’t been completely revealed but here’s what we know so far. Two games are Mii related. One, named Mii Studio, allows you to create your own with the 3DS’s camera (ziiiiip) and the second is Chance Encounter Mii Plaza, a bit of software that will “tag” other players and enable a data transfer functionality for the games that use it. The handheld will also come with “Book”, which we assume to be an e-reader. Finally, now I can read my Twilight books and have Edward’s name jump off the page in 3D!

While this is neat and all, the greatest part of the upcoming 3DS is the inclusion of a Virtual Console that will sell original Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. What, no Virtua Boy?!

The 3DS will also feature backlit buttons and a “Home” button that will bring up a menu, allowing you to make changes to settings without exiting your game.

While we are exited about the prospect of the 3DS (we did test it at E3 and it works amazingly well, you have to trust us), the $300 price tag feels a little steep for a handheld console. Time will tell whether or not the software library will justify the price.

If you want to catch the conference for yourself, Nintendo now has it online for your viewing pleasure.

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