Nintendo Downloads for week of 1/31/11 to 2/6/11

By on February 2, 2011

This week, Nintendo is gracing their downloadable platforms with 2 new WiiWare Demos, 4 new DSiWare titles, 1 new WiWare title, and absolutely nothing for the Virtual Console Service.

For DSiWare, Skyworks Interactive’s All-Star Air Hockey™ launches, carrying the pricetag of 200 Nintendo Points, or $2 USD. It is as it sounds, an Air Hockey game, however featuring a Practice mode and a Tournament mode, it seems to offer enough bang for your buck at first glance.

Also for DSiWare, dtp young entertainment’s Mahjong title, simply titled Mahjong releases, also for 200 Nintendo Points. This version includes single-player, 2-player, and powerups such as Dynamite, Whirlwind, and Hourglass to set it apart from the competition. This title definitely looks to be worth looking into.

The last DSiWare title out this week for 200 points is nnooo’s myDiary™, which continues nnooo’s releases of applications under the series title “myLifeCollected”. This one allows you to create a different entry each day on a calendar, set yourself reminders, and even lock out your notes from others! For 200 points, this application cannot be recommended enough for the price, especially seeing as it contains nnooo’s usual level of quality.

Finally on DSiWare, for 500 points, or $5 USD, Teyon’s 101 Dolphin Pets is out today. Not only can you take care of your dolphin pets, you can enter them into talent shows, and teach them new tricks and games. With 101 different dolphins, it’s certainly not skimping on content, but at 500 points you may want to pass if you don’t think this title is for you.

Two titles came out for the demo service this week-a demo of Akaoni Studio’s Zombie Panic in Wonderland, which is an on-rails shooter set in the land of fairy-tales, and ZALLAG’s Racers’ Islands – Crazy Racers, which is a kart racer set in a TV show. Both demos are completely free to download, and both full games cost 1000 Nintendo Points, or $10 USD. Check them out!

And finally, one disappointing game came out for WiiWare this week. SHANBLUE INTERACTIVE’s MAGIC DESTINY, for 500 points. The fact that the company’s name and game’s title are both all in caps is sadly a sign of over-compensation for this title’s quality. It’s an astrology game that doesn’t function that well. Not only is this paying 500 points for less content than you can get on the internet for free, it tries to justify the purchase with a collection of humorously bad minigames.

Overall, DSi owners should feel lucky, as they have the good end of the stick this week, and while WiiWare did get two good demos, it got one pretty awful game. Proceed at your own risk.

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