No PC demo for Fable III after all

By on May 11, 2011

Seriously now Microsoft? Is this your way of supporting the PC platform? Come on, seriously? We thought that you’ve learned your lesson and we were glad with the demo announcement of Fable III, despite the fact that the game has been delayed some months. But seems that a company can’t change its way of doing things. And in this case, Microsoft is shooting themselves. Or we can all agree that the company’s new stance about PC platform is bullcrap and we can move on.

According to Major Nelson there won’t be a demo of Fable III after all. Additionally, according to IncGamers there never was a PC demo planned for release and there’s been some misunderstanding along the way. Wow, talk about doing things the wrong way.

All in all, Fable III is already doomed. There is no reason to put your money on it, especially when a PC exclusive RPG is coming out the same very date. One of the most anticipated games of 2011 and one that looks way better than Fable III. And that is The Witcher 2. PC exclusive versus a console port, despite Lionhead’s statements about doing a proper port.

Just be ready when Microsoft and Lionhead blame those greedy PC gamers about Fable III’s low sales. We can already see it coming.


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