Offload 2.0 Cross-Platform Optimization Technology Launched

By on April 5, 2011

The Edinburgh based technology company, Codeplay, launched today Offload 2.0, a new version of their game acceleration and optimization technology for game developers. Offload 2.0 is a development toolkit that enables developers to obtain the very best performance from game graphics, artificial intelligence and code. The technology allows developers to fully exploit the capabilities of PlayStation 3 whilst preserving high quality and performance on other platforms.

“Codeplay’s mission over the last five years has been to address the technical challenges of the game production process. Working closely with game developers, we have developed supporting technologies that work with developers’ complex code and streamline cross-platform development.” said Andrew Richards, founder and managing director of Codeplay.

“For developers and publishers the benefits are clear – shortened game development times, reduced need for late stage optimization, and the ability to easily manage existing game code over multiple platforms. Several leading video game developers are utilizing Offload to optimize their games and have found it to be incredibly beneficial. For example, in just nine hours of one developer’s time, Offload for PlayStation 3 achieved a spectacular five-fold increase in AI code performance.

“Development studios can now concentrate on creating AAA games instead of devoting significant resources into the hardware specific details of today’s consoles.”

Offload 2.0 is available now in a free to use ‘Community Edition’ and a paid for ‘Professional Edition’.

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