Offspring Fling Mother’s Day Update

By on May 13, 2012
Offspring Fling

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day then to fling your offsprings?  Offspring Fling was released recently onto Steam (earlier on other platforms) and it puts you into the role of a cute little woodland creature who has misplaced all of her children.  Talk about responsible parenting, but at least she goes out and rescues all of them in over 100+ levels.  Then again, in each of those locations, she goes around flinging her offsprings so she can achieve her goals and get home.

Just in time’s for Mother’s Day, the game has gotten a new update and trailer.  The main thing added in this update is that the game includes a level editor, which is something that seems like a lot of games are starting to implement.  Also, just like so many, it looks simple to use, but I can imagine that I still will create some pretty awful levels.

If Offspring Fling looks interesting to you, there’s a demo and you can currently purchase it on their site, as well as on Desura and Steam, though Steam has it on sale for $6.39 till the 18th.  Think of it as a nice gift to your mom if you’ve still not got her anything… and if she likes games.

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