Persona 4 Golden Summoning This Fall

By on May 2, 2012

Persona 4 was released back in 2008 on the Playstation 2 and it’s been argued by some as being one of the best RPGs out there.  Just like Persona 3, 4 was planned to be ported to the PSP, but upon getting news involving the Playstation Vita, they believed it wold be best to go with the Vita as they could actually add elements instead of subtracting some.  While we knew that it would be coming to the Vita for a while, we didn’t have any idea of a release for it over here in America, but we sure do now.

Persona 4 Golden will be out on the Vita this Fall.  I know that’s still vague and could be anywhere within a three month period, but that sure is better then previously and at least we know for sure that it is coming out this year.


While you could go out and get the PS2 version right now, only for $19.99 new on Amazon, the Playstation Vita will include that game, plus a few extras.  Here’s a short list of the additions:

  • 1.5x more spoken dialogue
  • New Personas
  • New story events
  • A new character named Marie
  • New cutscenes
  • There’s now MOPEDS!
  • An online rescue feature
  • Tweaks and fan suggestions added
  • And more to be revealed.

As I don’t have the PS2 version, I’m wondering if I should wait to get the Vita version with it’s extras or get the PS2 version now.  Anyone else in a similar predicament?


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