Playstation Move Compatible with the PC?

By on February 3, 2011

Here are some interesting rumors. It seems that Sony will offer official PC support for Playstation Move. This project will be called “Move Server project” and will be revealed in the upcoming GDC. This is to be expected though, given the fact that Kinect has already been embraced by the PC community. After the hacked Kinect demonstrations and the rumors for official drivers from Microsoft, Sony feels a bit threatened.

And frankly, it’s natural. Imagine two platforms that can benefit from Microsoft’s motion sensing control scheme. The Kinect support will go off the charts, with more developers taking advantage of it. Sony will be left with only the first party members and some ports from the other gaming studios. To counter-attack this, they’ll have to make Move combatible with the PC platform. Thus, Microsoft won’t have any advantage.

Which one will prevail? It’s pretty soon to come to any conclusion. So let’s wait and see what the companies have to offer in order to ‘win’ the gaming crowd. In the meantime, check for your Playstation Move needs!

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