Playstation Network Back Online – When & Will It Be Worth The Wait?

By on May 7, 2011

Old Skool is Angry,


Playstation Network Hackers

Playstation Network Hackers


Well, I’m not so surprised at the PSN network tanking the way it did. I mean look. first they started with one of the best hackers that consistently jailbreak Apple products in hours (Geohot). then they started charging for a sub-par network where one of the benefits was some cool free content and then they launched that awful wanna be Pandora product Qriocity (and started auto charging people for it) after like 14 days. I mean don’t for a second think that there wasn’t a little personal anger present in the recently covered up attack on the Playstation Network. As Sony thought they were untouchable, and guess what…they weren’t.


playstation network charges

playstation network charges


Well, back to why I am angry. Basically one of the games of the year that I waited to drop (Mortal Kombat 9) came out practically the same day that the “Playstation Network Was Currently Undergoing Maintenance”. I had a feeling, that something was wrong when it was more than 12+ hours to do an “update”. Then I really knew something was wrong when it went past the initial weekend. Funny though how Sony tried to keep it wrapped up as long as possible, instead of just being straight-forward about the whole thing. I felt like we had to pull the information from them to be truthful about what happened.


So the question is, when in the world will the Playstation Network be back online? And when it does come back up, will it actually be an improvement over the original one. Or will it just be a uber “permission monster” based interface like the obnoxiousness that is Windows Vista? I mean let’s face it people, no matter who you are and what protection you take every card number in the world has been compromised at least 3 times over( This is actually based on statistical information).  That’s why you have to be smart. That’s why you have to just watch your statements. It sucks that all of our transactions are virtual, however no matter what you are doing or where in the world you are, your card information is NOT 100% Protected (Personally I was in another country and my own card number was stolen just paying for dinner!). That’s why the credit card and banking companies have protection in place,  for just these reasons.  So don’t blame Sony, it’s just something that can happen to anyone at any place at any time.


Now enough of me ranting about that.


So when is the Playstation Network coming back online? And will they actually address the problems that the network did have? (Like, not actually being a good network!) Hopefully this is a blessing in disguise and the very much existing issues will be addressed. Because unlike most people that “just want it to come back as online as quick as possible”, I would rather wait for a solid, netcode improved network that offers more value to the gamer at a decent price. Because in life, you pay for what you get. And honestly I rather pony up a few bucks a month for something that makes me feel good to play online and not curse out Sony from game to game.


Playstation Network Back Online

Playstation Network Back Online


So, I guess we will keep waiting and hope for the best.  As good things come to those who wait, or do they?

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