Pockie Ninja comic series announced

By on April 7, 2011

NGames, publishers of the new free-to-play anime-inspired hit, Pockie Ninja, have today revealed plans to publish a fortnightly online comic based on the MMO’s in-game events. Using pocket-sized versions of famous anime characters, browser-based brawler “Pockie Ninja” allows players to take on the role of their favourite heroes and villains from the Naruto and Bleach series’, engaging in beautifully animated arena fights while questing to save Angel City from an army of evil demon warriors.

The bi-weekly comic promises to highlight, and poke fun at, humorous in-game events and well known MMO player traits, such as an addiction to levelling up apprentices; the pitfalls of being an in-game bully; and even the (not so) sexy possibilities of been able to switch into many different outfits – one of Pockie Ninja’s key gameplay elements.

NGames have released a handful of preview comic panels to celebrate the announcement, stating that player-influenced comics will be introduced in the near future.

Titled “Apprentice Mania”, “Boys or Girls”, “The Tragic Assassination” and “The Tragic Rasengan”, each comic pays homage to some of the most regular in-game occurrences during Pockie Ninja’s beta phase, from sleep deprived players desperate to level up quickly, to ninjas accidentally killing and poisoning themselves with their own attacks.

“This is yet another opportunity for fans of Naruto and Bleach to interact with their favourite anime characters. By playing Pockie Ninja, players will soon be able to inspire the events of these fun little comics and influence the story lines we publish.” said Tracy, PR Manager for NGames and continued, “Technically, you’ll be making mini-comics with your favourite comic characters!”

Pockie Ninja is currently enjoying its open beta test phase and welcomes all gamers to join in with the anime-inspired fun.
You can sign up and play Pockie Ninja now: http://ninja.game321.com/

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