New Portable Emulator Strikes – Codename MU

By on January 11, 2011

Welcome back classic gaming Gurus!

And I capitalize Guru for a reason! Gamers that know the classics, know about what makes a good classic game. Even more so, they also know what makes a good portable emulator and on top of that know that open source is your source!

I got a up close and personal experience with the latest Portable Emulator codenamed the MU. As you may have read/watched earlier I did a hands-on review of the Dingoo about a year ago and found it to be a cool little unit. However from the looks of this Portable Handheld Emulator that it’s going to be dethroned real soon.

With a nice big vibrant screen, HD TV output in 720p and a bunch of emulators already pre-installed and workable it seems that the “MU” is going to be a real contender in the portable handheld market real soon.

Check back as more develops on this awesome unit! Until then watch the early hands-on below:

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