Protect Your Consoles with these Video Game Skins!

By on January 27, 2011
Video Game SKin

Xbox Controller Video Game Skin

The Xbox 360 controller definitely goes through its share of wear and tear considering it is often being handled by sweaty hands focused on a video game itself. While you can always go through and periodically clean the controller, there is no way that the controller will not fade after some time. Thankfully, people have devised an ingenious way of protecting their electronics; with skins! OK admittedly it is not THAT ingenious but the designs are pretty cool and they definitely lend a little bit of a personal flair to your valued and hard earned gadgets.

If you talk about most used electronics, I’m sure video game systems rank up there among the TV and Computer as some of the most commonly used electronic devices. Video games also go through their share of wear and tear at the hands of kids and teenagers in the middle of a raging game session. With these Video Game Skins you can protect your devices from use that would degrade the quality of the material and make the factory paint jobs faded. These skins are made from high quality material and designed for any commonly used video game console.

I only posted a picture of the above Xbox 360 Controller because it is the console that I own and the one that I play the most. If you’re like me, you would stop with the controller but I’ve seen people put matching skin sets on their consoles and even their portable consoles! These skins are a great buy online due to the amount of variety that would have. If you were to go to a physical store, there would not be nearly as many choices as you would find online. My favorite Video Game Skins are the ones that have a gritty urban feel to them.

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