Rainblood 2: City of Flame debut trailer

By on April 7, 2011

Soulframe released the debut trailer of their next indie RPG, Rainblood2: City of Flame, which is developed with RPG Maker. This 10 minutes trailer gives an overview of story, art, battle and music, with introductions by the main creator Soulframe and the music producer, Bo Caisheng. The trailer demonstrates what developers can achieve with RPG Maker. Trailer after the jump!

The story in Rainblood2 is right after the first game, with more plots, tricks, loves, and kills. According to one of the makers, “you will not feel satisfied until you reach the end of the game.”

Different from Rainblood: Town of Death, in which everything was drawn by hand, the sequel is presented with a finer pixel art style, which supports far more fluent battle animations. The soundtracks in this game are totally merged with the mood, and define an appealing cultural background as well.

Rainblood: Town of Death was the first translated game from Chinese developer Soulframe, and it was released 3 years after the Chinese version. But talking about Rainblood2: City of Flame, Soulframe, who now has the experience in western market, says:”I bet this time it wouldn’t be more than 3 months”.

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