Resident Evil 4 Comparison Between HD and SD version

By on March 24, 2011

Following today’s announcement, Capcom revealed the first comparison shots between the HD PS3 version and the standard PS2 version. Things look quite good but this is mainly due to the higher resolution PS3’s version. There are better water shading effects and better textures but still, they aren’t as high-res as we’d hope to. We were also hoping for proper HD character models but Capcom didn’t bother with that. It’s also interesting that Capcom avoided to compare Resident Evil 4’s PC version with this new HD remake. And you can be sure that the PC version of Resident Evil 4 modded looks better than this HD remake. All in all, this is hardly what a HD remake should be. To get an idea of what a proper HD remake is, look at Serious Sam’s two HD encounters. Comparison screenshots after the jump!
















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