RetroN3 Pre-Review – Another Retro 3 in 1 Gaming System?

By on May 12, 2010

Okay, yes I am Old SKool.

But am I an Old Fool?

As always being on the forefront of classic and retro game console remakes, I am on this like Obama on “Change” and with that being said he are my first thoughts on what to expect.

The RetroN3 just another remade system?

RetronN3 Game System

The RetronN3 Game System

Well at my first glance previous to my hands-on review the Retron 3 looks like a spaceship! It looks like it came from “Planet Retron!” The overall design does not appeal to me so much (though I am a big fan of the color red) however it’s all about what’s on the inside that counts right?

Or in this case the outside! The RetroN3 sports the ability to use and accept all 3 system controller interfaces. Yes, all 3 and that includes the original Nintendo controllers, the Super NES controllers and even the Sega Genesis controllers. This is something that the original Yobo FC3 console was totally lacking and have steered many buyers away. Also from the classic rumor trail is that this really is the same identical hardware to the FC3 (because the unit comes from the same factory as the FC3 model) so the RetroN3 will not really have any newer bells and whistles outside of it’s 3 controller port capability! And who’s not to say that even that will be flawless.

Well, here’s to being optimistic. Check back for more on our RetroN3 video review coming soon! We got a hands on at E3 2010! Check it out!

Oh, and for some preorder info check the RetroN3 here.

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