Review of the ProMini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

By on September 1, 2010

We took the time to sit down and review the ProMini wireless bluetooth recently, and found that this little thing has the potential to be quite handy on the go. Essentially it is a full QWERTY and mouse pad that fits in your pocket, and works with most bluetooth devices.

The device supports iPad (3.2, 4.0), iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS (4.0+), iPhone 4 (4.0+), Smart Mobile Systems, Nokia Symbian S60 Systems,Android System, Windows Mobile 6.0 System,HTC,PCs, laptops, HDPC, MacOS 10.2.8 or later,Sony PS3.

We were able to test it on our Windows 7 computer, our PS3, and an iPhone 4, and all devices worked quite well.

I was unable to use the mouse function on the iPhone, but I liked that I could control the iPhone’s music wirelessly, and quickly type up emails much faster then I would with the native touch keyboard.

With Windows 7, I popped out the included bluetooth dongle and synced right up. It was surprisingly very functional. I could use the mouse, the keyboard, the hotkeys, and scrolling functions from across the room with ease. Why I would need to sit across the room I don’t know, but who knows when I just may need to use.

With the PS3 I can’t say it was as fun of an experience as the PC. Perhaps it is more of the setup of the PS3 browser, but the cursor was seemed too slow, but other than that the typing was good. I did not get to chat with the device but I would imagine this would be very helpful, and a good  alternative to the official PS3 QWERTY.

Other notes about the device is it is also a laser pointer, and “glows in the dark” with LED back-lighting as you can see in the photo above.  It works up to 10 meters away, yes that is further than you will probably ever need to go! To purchase this little bad boy, you’re going to need to slap down $70 bones. Is it worth it? Well if you are a business man on the go, I say yes, this is great for a pocket QWERTY. The keys are much easier to use then your mobile device, so there is definitley a nitch market of people that will find this product as a godsend. If that’s you, you can check it out here at Pyramid Distributions .

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