Runescape updates and graphical enhancements coming this month

By on May 4, 2011

Jagex announced today that new updates and graphical enhancements are coming to Runescape this month. Alongside with them, Jagex will offer Death Hats, a Dwarf Lava Flow Mine and Capes of Distincti. Additionally, Fremennik Sagas will also be made available this month. Fremennik Sagas are a series of three replayable stories, as told by a cursed Fremennik going by the name of Skaldrun.

The variety of minor updates, fixes and improvements, which have been compiled from some of players’ most discussed issues on the forums include: an optional filter for the Summoning pouch/scroll creation interface, so you can choose to view either all pouches/scrolls or just those you’re currently able to make; the herbalist at the Grand Exchange will decant potions into two or three doses; an ‘open all’ option will be added when using a hammer on a coconut; and the message when a bird’s nest drops while Woodcutting will be made more noticeable.

Last but not least, two more areas of RuneScape are set for some visual overhauls in May. Draynor Village will be the first to be given a new lick of paint, and Rellekka will be jumping on the bandwagon towards the end of the month.

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