Seth Killian Dishes the Dirt on Marvel vs Capcom 3 Controls

By on May 11, 2010

After rampant rumors and outcry over Tatsunoko vs Capcom style controls in Marvel Capcom 3, S Kill went on the damage control. His official response from the Capcom forums is:

What’s up with the new control scheme I keep hearing about for Marvel vs. Capcom 3?

Seth: MvC3’s controls are still in development, but it currently has 4 attack buttons, and two assist buttons. If you want the take-away, you can stop reading now because that’s the bottom line.

The excitement has all come from the way those buttons are labeled — specifically because one of the attack buttons has a new name. Why does it get its own name? Because:

A) Coming up with exciting new names for stuff is what marketing departments do (was “Aerial Rave” a reason to worry about what we used to just call “air combos”?).

B) It does some fun new stuff in some circumstances, but in many ways that stuff is not different than command normals in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It does stuff like launching (also a normal move in MvC2), causing OTG-able flying screen (normal in MvC2), and some other interesting effects (not as much like MvC2, but a pretty natural evolution).

I understand people’s concerns and that even the hint of a change can cause people to go to red alert and divert all power to forward deflector shields. We know MvC2 is serious business, and a very special game. Part of the reason we know that is because we made it, and there are key people from MvC2 on MvC3. We’ve worked for years to make this game a reality, and so we take it very seriously. The objective is not to “dumb down” a thing, but there are ways to go new places without also giving new players the finger. We have high hopes — you should too. It’s easy to get worked up and complain in the absence of a lot of hard info, and there will be plenty of time for that, but I hope we can agree that stuff should come after people have actually played the game and seen it in action.

The good news on that front is that — just like SFIV — we’re not hiding this away, and want to get it out and into your hands as early and as often as we can.

Will we EVER see the parry move return to a Street Fighter game?

Sven: Unfortunately, no one except for possibly Ono can answer that definitively (and possibly not even him). “Ever” is an extremely long time.

Well, Seth. Are you going to take away our pizza too? How about you just give us Marvel vs Capcom 3 and let us decide if you are right. We are who you are talking to right?

How do you feel about the aerial rave? Comment below and make yourself heard!

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