Silent Hill: Downpour PC version Up To Konami plus 6 new screenshots

By on April 18, 2011

So you’ve been wondering if Silent Hill: Downpour will hit the PC anytime soon? It could, according to the game’s creative director, although this decision is up to Konami. For the time being however, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. This is mainly due to cost of testing for the multitude of PC configs that needs to be done.

“We develop on PC for Unreal SDK, so a PC version is relatively easy. But It’s about the cost of testing for the multitude of PC configs, and distribution of a PC box retail version.So basically, it’s a cost benefit decision that comes down to the publisher. PC Silent Hill is Konami’s call.” said Silent Hill: Downpour’s creative director, Brian Gomez.

Konami Digital Entertainment also released a new batch of screenshots from the highly-anticipated survival horror game, Silent Hill: Downpour. The new assets illustrate even more spine-tingling moments from Silent Hill: Downpour that are sure to haunt players as KONAMI continues to unveil the deep and dark storyline of this latest Silent Hill thriller.

Making its return to “next generation” consoles this fall, Silent Hill: Downpour brings a completely original storyline, and all-new soundtrack as players find themselves stranded in the foggy, malevolent world of Silent Hill. S ilent Hill: Downpour starts as Murphy Pendleton, the game’s main character, finds himself lost and alone in the woods after his prison transport bus crashes near the town of Silent Hill. What happens after is up to the player as they traverse an all-new environment that is expansive, yet unsettlingly claustrophobic. Though the sleepy town may feel desolate and lonely, players must keep in mind that they are never truly alone in Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Downpour is scheduled to release in fall 2011 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.











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  • Cj

    Old screens.

  • dakan45


    They got their expenses back in 48 hours.

    It will be stupid not to bring it to pc.

  • CJ M

    When using the unreal engine you don’t really need to worry so much about “multitude of configs”. Test the game on mid-end systems of 2008 and onward (like 4-8 configs maybe, heck even allowing for closed beta tests would be easy) and you wont have terribly much to worry about.
    You also don’t need a boxed retail version, just release it on steam. Alan Wake did so well because they released it on the PC on digital distributions.

  • SH gamer

     this game was developed on a PC so a port would be no problem. its just that konami is finding out that by using CHEAP development and JACKING up prices that no one is willing to pay…LoL
    + this is the shortest SH game ever created. so if it does get ported to PC @ $60…..with the shortness and bugs that fill this game just like homecoming did…..I will not buy a copy @ that price. I may @ $30 but NOT $60! *do you think that I pay $60 for my ps3 games? NO!*

  • Nvcsx

    dakan45 u are %100 right the pc version will cover it is own coasts so it will be a big mistake from konami not to bring it on PC