Skate 3 Demo Review and Gameplay Videos

By on April 16, 2010

DasReviews braves the concrete jungle and shreds the asphalt to bring you this hot gameplay footage of EA’s upcoming Skate 3. We tell you about the demo and what you can expect to find in it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Das Reviews without a Das Exclusive for you. If you want to check out a super secret trailer for a new Multiplayer mode click here.

Jason Lee plays a Coach Frank in the first part of the game, showing you the ropes of how to Skate. This isn’t Tony Hawk where they try to wow you with new game mechanics and tricks with every single iteration. If you’ve played Skate before then you know how to play this game. But, its worth playing through the tutorial to experience Lee. If only L. Ron hadn’t gotten to him…

The game has the usual trick objectives: grind a rail until you get so many points, shred an area checking tricks off a list, gap a gap. Nothing new but still great fun. This game nails the aspect of skating that so many people find deploring: hanging out and sessioning an area. To round off the illusion, the game is filled with pedestrians that apparently have nothing better to do in life than wander around in circles who get mad when you get in their way. They can clearly see you coming, why are they so surprised when you come near them? EA advertises that the town of Port Carverton is much more receptive to skaters but I still felt the unbearing guilt from onlookers of doing nothing with my life. Yes, this is what makes me happy Mom. No, I don’t want to ask Jenny out to the dance. I hate dancing and she laughs at me with her friends. I don’t care if how long I’ve known her, I hate her. I hate you!

Next in the demo is the Clock Knocker “stage”. This puts you atop a clock tower with some dumpsters far on the ground below. You have to land in the dumpsters. With no board. Bonus points for breaking extra points. Nothing is more cringe inducing that a rolling cannonball headplant into the ground next to the dumpster. Missed it? Gotta do it again! There was a game called Thrasher Skate and Destroy for the PSX that had a mode where the objective was to do as much damage as possible to yourself. It was odd satisfying. Rag doll physics and careening subways. This reminds me of that game. Maybe it has something to do with being sponsored by Thrasher…

Free skate is as satisfying as it sounds. At least until you reach a boundary and are assaulted by the static brigade, turning you around. I can see the plaza, let me go to it!

Online multiplayer also is a blast but only count on doing objectives if you organize them. Most people seemed content to just skate and get in your way. Kind of like real life but without the loneliness afterwards, wondering why you weren’t invited to Paul’s house to play Super Smash Brothers Wii. No, its okay. I got something in my eyes.

Timed demo limits are our mortal enemy and this game is perfect proof of that. We wanted nothing more than to keep playing. Of course, you can reload the demo multiple times but now we want the full game. Will we buy this? Yes, thanks to EA hanging that sweet carrot just close enough to taste it.

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  • OsamaBin_Skatin

    Highly disapointed, what happened to the ragdoll physics??!?! They go all stiff and unrealistic when you bail and you cant help but flap around on the ground like a retarded snapper with rigamortis. EA FAIL.

    • OldSkoolFool

      AHHAAAHAHAHAHH! Retarded snappers..probably don’t taste as good as Fresh Smart Ones!