Old Skool Beatdown: Street Fighter IV Contest

By on March 29, 2010

Old Skool Fool is feeling quite confident in his Street Fighter IV kick ass abilities these days, so we’re having a contest setup to really test his skills this friday (April 2nd, 2010) 12-9pm PACIFIC. Now we know you don’t want to just have bragging rights after kicking Old Skool’s  ass all over the screen, so our sponsors (Dascheap.com) have setup a deal to win awesome prizes! So here’s the setup:

0) To register for the tournament, you MUST register here at DasCheap and include your PSN, and or XBox 360 Gamer Tag for verification. We will not accept your challenge without verification.

1) Beat Old Skool Fool, best of 5 rounds, and get $5 dollars to shop at Dascheap.com. But it doesn’t end there!

2) Beat Old Skool again, in a best of 7 rounds and win your own FREE COPY OF Super Street Fighter IV on your console of choice when it is released.

3)  Now if you are the first to beat  him 5 times in consecutive fights (without losing a match), you win the one and only GRAND PRIZE! A Free copy of  Super Street Fighter IV, and a full arcade Hori stick for your console, and a Hori gamepad again for your console.

Any questions? Drop a comment and we will respond asap. Good luck gamers.

P.S. Old Skool Sux!

NOW LIVE: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dasreviews-live

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I am a critical guy, and love to review and give my professional opinion on just about anything. Though have a love for tech/gaming and music alongside the cinema. You can catch me consulting and developing the net any day of the week.
  • TMunkee

    How many of each prize are there? Just one?

  • JoeSRocha

    There is only “ONE GRAND PRIZE”! But anyone can win the $5’s and the copies of Super Street Fighter IV when released!

  • thepirategeek

    I’m game!
    Let’s go!

  • Squishy5

    Are you automatically entered into the running after you register on DasCheap and send a friend request to DasReviews? Just making sure there’s nothing else that I’m missing.

  • admin

    You are automatically entered if you Register on DasCheap and fill in all your info and verify your account via email. Then you add the friend request on XBOX 360 or PSN and you are good to go!

  • apex27

    I’ll bite. Signed up!

  • Squishy5

    Oksy, only problem is I haven’t gotten my verification email from DasCheap yet. Is there anyone I can contact about that?

    • Jordan

      Did you check your Junk/Spam folder? We have been hearing that Gmail users are not getting their letters.

  • Squishy5

    Yeah I didn’t get it on gmail, but I resigned up with a hotmail address and got it.

  • Twoacross

    I am totally in!

    Hope to see you online Das! =D

  • apex27

    One gmail user checking in. I got mine just fine.

  • Obizmol

    The contest registration link isn’t wrking!!!

    • Jordan

      To register for the tournament, you MUST register at DasCheap and include your PSN, and or XBox 360 Gamer Tag for verification. We will not accept your challenge without verification.

  • jayrock95

    im signed up for the website now what do i do? (i already put in my psn)

    • Jordan

      If received your confirmation email and sent DasReviews a friend request on PSN, then you just need to hang back and wait for Old Skool Fool to challenge you!

  • Rocco

    Sign me up, please!

  • SurfKahuna

    Are you going to run this again prior to launch?

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