Sony’s 3D Gaming is a Gimmick to Sell More TVs

By on June 22, 2010

For those gamers sitting in a dark cave, E3 happened last week. The biggest thing on display for the big companies was the motion gaming that Sony and Microsoft were embracing, the Move and Kinect respectively. But this article isn’t about the industries ability to iterate someone’s technology. This is about the 3D gaming trend that is sweeping through the industry.

Sony showed off rows and rows of the 3D ability of their Playstation 3. They had tech demos, games and movies on display for people to immerse themselves in their entertainment. The viewer on SONY glasses and stood in front of a SONY 3D TV and played a SONY Playstation 3. See a trend here? I can imagine the board meeting already. “Hey Playstation, meet TV. You guys go and play nice. Make us some money.” The departments butted heads together until they passed out dizzy. When they awoke, they were seeing doubles of everything and BAM, 3D gaming was born.

Of course Sony is invested in 3D gaming technology, they stand to make a lot of money by selling 3D TVs for the price of a healthy kidney. Microsoft has stated that they can do 3D but they won’t until it becomes a viable market for them. I bet if Microsoft sold TVs, they would have demoed some amazing 3D table interface at the Expo. Nintendo showed off their 3DS, a nifty piece of technology that doesn’t require extra costs and even is easy to turn off. Details are slim, but I doubt that Sony’s tech will be as easy to disable. They want you to remain engrossed in their tech so you can’t realize that you just spent your new car on HD Nausea.

Of course, it comes down to you. Does 3D gaming have a strong future in the industry or is it another ploy to cash in on a fad? Post in the comments below and let us know!

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  • bob

    3d is the future of gaming…just as technology increases with each generation – either you adapt with it or get left playing with your NES

  • ghinasky

    Jordan, here is one website hit for you.

    Could you please look at the mirror and see what kind of narrow minded excuse for a gaming journalist you are.

    Have you ever ask yourself the question why all the electronics and Hollywood entertainment giants all join Sony to push 3-D in theaters and home TV?

    Have you ever heard of the word piracy?

    If not then go out of your cave look outside the real world where creative entertainment studious are shutting down left and right everyday due to the devastating effects of US $40-$50 Billion piracy industry that is crippling the games, movie and software industry.

    Didn’t you know that 3-D movies in theaters and Blu-ray discs offer people an entertainment experience like no other that you wont have on your regular pirated DVD?

    That 3-D is one thing that sets people to actually have a compelling reason to go watch films in theaters and keep the movie industry alive?

    That people actually have a reason to buy a legit 50 GB Blu-ray 3-D movie to keep the home video industry alive?

    That people actually have a reason to have an ever increasingly affordable 3-D home theater on their 3-D ready HDTV in the comfort of their homes?

    That at the end of the day our beloved game developers and publishers can actually earn enough revenue to make another game that will surpass their recent 3-D game masterpiece?

    Don’t you see the balance there?

    Didn’t you know why Blu-ray disc technology was invented?

    Aren’t you aware of the fact that some of the ways to combat piracy is increased digital content and file sizes on which layers upon layers of digital right management security codes and 3-D codes are some of that special digital contents?

    Aren’t you aware that all these facts are ‘progressive technology’ that is aimed at the benefit of the mass majority- consumers and producers alike?

    Isn’t 3-D a worthy solution to a greater problem?

    Yes, just like any new technology like Colored TV Cassette Tapes, Walkman, Handy Cam, PC, Cell Phones, CD, VHS, DVD and HDTV all came initially with a hefty price tag as successful entertainment solutions, so what makes 3-D TV any different?

    Is your journalism part of the solution or are you part of the problem?

  • ghinaskysuksdik


    You think adding 3D is somehow going to prevent or slow piracy ?

    I can tell you, right now, I can download any available Blu-ray disk I choose in about an hour.

    It’s really great and I’m saving the environment at the same time by not having to drive to the store, once to rent it and a second trip to return it.

    If you still do that your living in the dark ages.

    If you buy disk’s your a hoarder.

  • tarbis

    FAD? How long have you been in this world?

    Sony introduced the PS2 w/ DVD. They called it a fad, but who do you think followed suit? PC, Gamecube(mini-dvd), Xbox, Wii, Xbox 360. I don’t see a fad there.

    If you’re using an LCD monitor right now, would you call that a FAD or a necessity? If you call it a fad, then you can easily exchange that to any crt monitors that people are willing to trade it for a LCD.
    They thought HDTV/LCDs are a fad, well then look at us now.

    They said Blu-ray was a fad esp on the PS3. Well, developers are already having trouble with the Xbox 360’s limited space. Movies are now Blu-ray as STANDARD format. And it is more widely received than DVD was.

    3-D visuals is still in it’s infant stage just like those I mentioned earlier was. But it will become a norm just like BD and HD, and you sir are gonna be left miles behind.

    You have 2 options for this. Try to catch up or drop out.