Soul Calibur 5 Officially Announced

By on May 11, 2011

More news coming from today’s Dubai showcase event that was held by Namco BANDAI. According to Hisaharu Tago, Soul Calibur’s Producer, Soul Calibur V will be a true sequel to the series and will be released in 2012 for PS3 and X360. The fifth iteration of the Soul Calibur series will take place 17 years after the events of the last one and will feature both returning characters and new ones.

According to the press release, this fifth part will feature new weapons, improved combos, great graphics and new, groundbreaking features. Which are basically what all die-hard fans and newcomers are looking for.

“The tale of Patroklos, son of Sophitia Alexandra, unfolds as his family’s destiny intertwines with the Soul swords. With the series revolutionary 8-way run, allowing for true 3D movement during matches, a refined battle system, and stunning graphics, Soul Calibur V will be the top game of 2012 for anyone looking for a knock-down, drag-out fight.”

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