Spiral Game Studios Acquires Firearms‏

By on April 1, 2011

Spiral Game Studios today announced it acquired remote-based Firearms Source Development Team, a leading independent developer of action oriented computer and video games. As a result of this acquisition, Spiral Game Studios gains exclusive publishing and distribution rights to all FAS-developed titles, including the highly acclaimed source engine product, “Firearms: Source”.

“People were wondering where all the KickStarter money went – now they know.” said David Prassel, CEO and Creative Director at Spiral Game Studios. “The developers at FAS are a highly talented and highly motivated bunch and we think this is a perfect game to add dinosaurs to. We are on this sort of “Dinosaur Crusade” you could say.”

The FAS development staff will remain independent and are allowed to remain where they currently are located. Spiral Game Studios will simply be acting as the umbrella towards all of their current and future releases. We have started integrating there products into our company projection and look forward to all the magic they will bring to the table.

“This 20k is exactly the motivation we needed to add dinosaurs to our game. Firearms was revolutionary… Firearms: Source was evolutionary and ORION: Firearms: Source will be Jurrassic” said Daniel Miede, Founder and Game Director for FAS. “Spiral Game Studios will provide us with the resources, the dinosaurs and the money we need to continue to build great products and to fill them with dinosaurs.”

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