Starfox Returns after 6 years

By on December 29, 2009

That’s right Starfox Fans. As you see in the trailer, Fox is close to making his return in a new game title "Shadow of Lylat ". Even more interesting is that it’s being developed by StarFox Fans on the Freespace engine, and will be FREE for all to download on release. Available versions will be for Mac, PC, and even Linux, and will give an option to download a standard or High-end version (high system requirements). After six years in the making the SOL TEAM , say they are about ready to release for 2010.

The game style looks to go back to the roots of the original Star Fox – which started the cult phenomenon. Sounds great right! Only problem is that the game is not verified by Nintendo as a permitted release as of yet. Meaning if the powerhouse wants to, they can stop the project in its tracks at any time with a simple cease and desist letter as they own the rights.

This would not be the first time as earlier in 2009 a team of fans tried to put out a sequel to the classic Chronotrigger SNES title when they were shot down with a Cease and Desist letter by Square-Enix after years of development. Hopefully the guys over at Nintendo see the demand for a great Starfox game and work with the Solteam or allow them to simply release it, as it is non-profit.

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