Sticker Skins Get 3D Treatment

By on January 11, 2011

I love customization!

I am truly one of those people that love to customize just about everything. Whether it’s my TV, my car dashboard or even my laptop I need it to standout. Even more-so I love 3D. I was ecstatic when 3D movies evolved and every trip to the movie theater became like a ride at Universal studios!

So, now we enter sticker skins that are 3D! You heard it here first. Below is the world’s first custom & reuseable decals in a 3 dimensional design. Now we just need to start seeing 3D eye contacts so we can see the world in a whole new light…

About David Scarpitta

I am a critical guy, and love to review and give my professional opinion on just about anything. Though have a love for tech/gaming and music alongside the cinema. You can catch me consulting and developing the net any day of the week.